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Author Kaz Drysdale

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Who doesn't want a cool-ish Avatar?

A n00bie trying on Avis and meeting peeps.



Yep, I need to see my very first post as a... as a... oh yeah, that's right I'm a bagpipe, not a face, not a cute furry little thing that everyone loves except me, I'm a bagpipe, not even a trendy guitar!  Well, that's guaranteed to impress everyone here at the prom - oops my debut in Forum Land - not!  Haha, what a moron I am?"  Anyway, on with wonderland – or Forum Land - whatever.  I then see a friendly face,  an Avatar, a cartoon type older male face with a messy hair-do, mm, looks like Einstein, and I say something clever as an ice-breaker,  



"Hello sir, nice night out for a stroll?"  It's a joke, and I was not ready for the reply.

"I've not seen you before.  And I'm not a sir, I'm a lady and we haven't yet been introduced so excuse me SIR!"  Wow, my imagination goes wild.  I imagine a haughty woman, nose in the air attached to this old man's face, (tries to shake that image) a swift lift of her skirt and a flounce off like stuck up Scarlett O'Hara. 

"Well, that seemed to go down fairly well – not!" a gross understatement indeed I’m thinking.  Of course, the bagpipe is a total failure, so I go back shopping for another Avatar.  This time I see an inoffensive Scottish guy dressed in a kilt. 



I give another experimental shrug thinking, "If she can do it, so can I".  At this stage I'm more confused with the gender game down this particular rabbit hole but I adopt a Scottish guy.  So what happens next?  I go back to look again at my post.  Yeah, that looks the same:




    Post 1




My Scottish guy Avi shows up beneath my username.  I have the strongest urge to run over and ‘wipe it off’ before anyone else can see me.  Too late of course, everyone can see and read/overhear my recent interchange with ‘Scarlett O'Hara’, the one with the crazy man’s face the username of Casablanca by the way.  Maybe that should have been a clue?  I will learn.  I then made up a list of rules.  Rule number one: Look at their usernames and faces and KNOW that they rarely match up.  How many Dorian Grey’s are out there I wonder?  I'll find out.  Next step!